The Vision of the Department is to produce world class technocrats in the field of Eletrical Engineering by imparting quality education and keeping pace with ever changing technologies .


i) To organize diploma programme in Electrical Engineering and in such other interdisciplinary branches as institute may consider necessary, to produce supervision or technocrats of higher calibre.

ii) To organize distance education programme in Electrical Engineering.

iii) To organize contnuing education programme in electrical engineering for updating the knowledge and skill of working professional in the field of Electrical Engineering.

iv) To organize and offer consultancy services to the industry and organization desiring such assistance.

v) To include besides the core faculty, visiting faculty, faculty members and distinguished visitors from industry and from front line academic institution(Technical) of the country. In addition, the department has a centre to organize state level and national level seminers as well as conference and lecture by national level expart in Electrical Engineering and allied field.

vi) Appropriate programme will be organized to generate resources to develop the Electrical Engineering Department.


It has been started in 1957. Number of present intake is 40.

Courses offered:-

Electrical Engineering Course, CDTP House Wiring and Motor Winding Course, Electrical Engineering Subject in Community College, One Year Electrician Course in Kakojan College.

Details of laboratory:-

i. Principle of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

ii. Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

iii. Electrical Measurement Laboratory

iv. Electrical Power Laboratory

v. Electrical Machine Laboratory

vi. Computer Laboratory


1. Mr. R. Bhuyan, MEE, HOD

2. Mr. D.K.Handique, Lecturer (SG)

3. Mr. D.K.Roy, Lecturer (SG)

4. Mrs. M.B.Borbora, Lecturer (SG)

5. Mr. P.Deka, Lecturer

6. Mr. P.Goswami, Lecturer

7. Mr. A.Dutta, Sr. Instructor

8. Ms. B.Gogoi, Sr. Instructor

Faculity Details:

Mr. R. Bhuyan

Mr. D.K.Handique

Mr. D.K.Roy

Mrs. M.B.Borbora

Mr. P.Deka

Mr. P.Goswami

Mr. A.Dutta

Ms. B.Gogoi

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